Black & White Monogram Wedding Invitations

Simply stylish monograms. What more could you want from your monogram wedding invitations?

Here are three great reasons why couples like you are choosing monogram wedding invitations:

  • Simplicity, this could also be phrased as “timeless elegance”
  • Easy color scheme matching options
  • Unification through your initials

Monograms are often more personal than having your whole name etched or embroidered onto a surface. Monograms are mysterious, only giving a hint of who is behind it. Monogram wedding invitations combine all of this into a simple elegant package. When you settle on a design you will get the option to customize it, adding in the important details that make an invitation what it is. But it is the single letter, the set of initials that really bring these invitations to life. It doesn’t matter if you design on one of the bold options, a large letter of the alphabet splashed across the font of the invitation, or a diminutive hint the effect is the same. Just take a look at some of these options to see what we have to offer.

One reason why these invitations are so powerful is because the monogram has been part of our culture for so long. The monogram isn’t new by any means, in fact it is much older than even the wax seals that adorned scrolls and letters hundreds of years ago. Because they have so much history, beautiful and elegant simplicity, the simple monogram has found its way into many aspects of our lives. Many signatures are made of up a stylized swish of initials, so the jump to invitation was an easy one. And we think you’ll agree these monogram invitations will make an excellent addition to your wedding.

Here are some other popular styles of monogram that might just be what you’re looking for. Still if you haven’t found what you’re looking for here there are plenty of other galleries of invitations with a wide range of monogram wedding invitations for you to choose from.

Matching Monogram Thank You Cards

If you want to compliment these invitations we have many ways for you to do that. Just take these monogram thank you cards. If you’re looking to build the entire set we have many options to help you do just that.